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Nordenfjord 3Q 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

Attending: Karyn, Sara, Craig, Katie, Richard, Mark, Marc, Amelia, Kevin, Matt G., Avis, Elisa, Tony. Also attending by conference call were Stacey and an unknown number. Matt J., Stan, and Francesca attended via Google Meet.

Meeting was called to order at 7:40PM.

Officer Reports

  • Seneschal – congratulations to Matthias on his Silver Crescent as well as being named next East Kingdom Webminister. This means she will need a new deputy, and would like to see if anyone would like mentoring as to the role of Seneschal. We are currently waiting to hear back on the status of our name change, and we would like to poll for full status once this is clear.
  • Chatelaine – Avis is a new member in attendance, no new external contacts since the last meeting.
  • MOAS – new reporting sechedule for the MOAS is January and June – please send any important A&S news to her for reporting to Kingdom. St. Eligius is coming soon, and if you want to exhibit, you MUST pre-register this year. Would like to plan a shire apple picking outing, details on Facebook group. If you are interested in retaining for the upcoming reign, please let her know.
  • Exchequer – no change in available funds, waiting on confirmation from Ostgardr that the Clarkstown check was deposited.
  • Webminister – stepping up to Kingdom role, will work with Marc to transition role and make sure that new site is available after name change.

Informal Vote – extended term for Seneschal

As there were no other submissions for this position, show of hands confirmed an additional 1-year term for Karyn.

Clarkstown Classes – all starting at 7PM until 8:30PM, schedule is available on the shire website.

Committee Requests – we would like to establish the following committees and are seeking volunteers: Event Planning, Event Sites, and Financial Committee. Please let us know.

We would like to explore more group outings, whether they are A&S or informal social outings.

Meeting concluded at 8:53PM.

2Q 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2019, 7:30PM
New City Library, New City, NY

Meeting to order at 7:45PM

Members present: Karyn, Sara, Richard, Marc, Kevin, Craig, Katie, Matt J, Francesca, Amelia

New member: Elisa


Officer Reports:


  • Term as seneschal is up for renewal, would like to stand. Any competing bids are due by August 1.
  • September meeting, vote to be held.
  • Novice Day chatelaine table?
  • Clarkstown is processing payment from classes




  • Calligraphy class had the best attendance
  • Connor made a new tunic
  • Karyn made a new tunic
  • Sara displayed at Kingdom A&S and Mudthaw
  • Sara designed a new belt favor for Queen Fortune and presented her with three favors
  • Sara Won Complex & Intricate with her locket at Balfar’s
  • Sara recognized as Journeyman in Athena’s Thimble at Balfar’s


  • No new contacts


  • Discussed possible social media updates with the name change
  • Upcoming office succession possibility

Clarkstown Classes

  • List of classes? (Kumihimo? Calligraphy? Sewing a pouch?)
  • Teachers?
  • Scheduling

Committee Planning:

  • Event planning committee (2-4 members)
  • Site discovery committee (2-4 members)
  • Volunteers by September meeting

Meeting adjourned at 8:51PM