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Nordenfjord A&S Wrap-Up – May 6

Thanks to everyone who came out today! We had a great time at our A&S get together! We all pitched in and completed the Shires project of making 4 sets of loaner feast gear!

Each set consists of a plate, bowl, mug, set of utensils, napkin, washcloth, placemat, and bag to carry it all in! The bags will eventually be decorated with the Shire’s heraldry.  It was great! I taught 3 people how to pin, and sew on a machine tonight! I love it when people want to try new things!

Soon we hope to have a small thrown wepons range available, and I’ll continue to teach more A&S stuff. I’m thinking classes on Viking wire weaving and kumihimo would be fun! Matt is also available to help with wiki pages, and Email accounts.

Information on upcoming sessions will be coming soon!